50th Miss Gibraltar Crowned

Miss GibraltarAfter a dramatic evening in St Michael’s Cave Jessica Baldachino was finally crowned the 50th Miss Gibraltar, flanked by 1st Princess, Kerrianne Massetti, and 2nd Princess, Christina Ainsworth.

On a night that was supposed to be remembered for its historical significance, charting half a century of Gibraltar Beauty Pageantry, its glitz and its glamour, this 50th Miss Gibraltar Show will sadly be forever remembered as the one with the two-hour blackout.

Shortly after the opening dance sequences St Michael’s Cave suffered a power cut that brought GBC transmission and the pageant itself to a very abrupt halt, prompting huge debates and speculation on local social network pages.

Comments and criticisms of the local technical infrastructure, the organization and contingency plans in place at the pageant, the quality and appropriateness of the venue and more scathingly the value and standard of the live broadcast, flooded the Internet. Opinions were clearly and frankly expressed by a local population kept intrigued and eager to find out who would be crowned their 50th Miss Gibraltar.

However, out of the darkness came a shining light. Jessica Baldachino, 1st Princess in last year’s pageant, came back to win at the second time of asking. Amidst all adversity, the show did go on to provide Gibraltar with a worthy winner and a new international ambassador.

The aim was to make the 50th Anniversary of the Miss Gibraltar Beauty Pageant a memorable one, and although this was achieved, it will not always be remembered in a good light.