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Miss Gibraltar Contestant - Arian Barton

arianFull Name: Arian Barton

Age: 19

Star Sign: Cancer

Occupation: Beauty Advisor

Colour of Hair: Dark Brown

Colour of Eyes: Brown

Hobbies & Interests: I am interested in different cultures. At the moment my only hobby is studying

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Ambition (academic/personal): To achieve a position within the business community

Your Idea of a Perfect Day: Time spent with loved ones

What do you like most about Gibraltar: I mostly like the community spirit and the fact that it’s safe

What do you like least about Gibraltar: I least like the lack of green spaces and the traffic

Why have you entered the pageant: I have entered this pageant to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity

Why do you want to be Miss Gibraltar: I would like to be Miss Gibraltar as I believe I could show the cultural diversity within Gibraltar