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May 30 - GSD to Contest By-Election

gsdThe Executive of the GSD met yesterday evening to consider the 4th July 2013 by-election. They released a statement today reading:

The overwhelming majority of the GSD Executive voted in favour of fielding of a candidate for the by-election.

Although it is true that this by-election arises in the context of the sad death of Mr Charles Bruzon, it is important in a mature democracy that the GSD Opposition provides the electorate with an opportunity to make a statement about the political performance of the Government on a number of important issues for this community. 

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May 30 - HMS Echo Returns the Rock

echoHMS Echo will return to Gibraltar on Friday 31st May for a short visit before heading out to the Med to conduct routine operational survey work. Her last visit was in August 2012 when she stayed for a few days following an 18 month deployment to the east of Suez to help improve charts of the region’s waters and to gather key hydrographic data.

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May 30 - Minister Bossano's UN speech in Ecuador

Minister BossanoMr Chairman,

I want to thank the Government of Ecuador for once again hosting the Annual Seminar which is a reflection of Ecuador’s commitment to the cause of decolonisation.

Last year I showed the parallels between my country’s history and Ecuador’s, and I exposed the absurdity of the Spanish stance in opposing our decolonisation.

Spain told you that it will never acknowledge any international legal status to the Gibraltarians. Their contempt for us, the owners of our homeland, is such that they describe us as “the current inhabitants of Gibraltar” as if we were recently arrived illegal immigrants.

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May 30 - Government Insists GBC Board Does Not Regulate Political Output

govtThe Government has today claimed that the response by the GSD on the issue of the appointment of the Board of GBC is a transparent attempt to avoid praising the way in which the Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, has exceeded his pre-election commitment to make GBC politically independent.

They added, ‘the GSD consistently failed to secure GBC’s partisan independence by appointing close political associates and relatives of the Chief Minister to the Board. At that time, the Board of GBC was the authority that made determinations of partisan balance in the output of the corporation. As a result, the people that the GSD appointed to the Board of GBC were the people who were then empowered to determine whether the GSD or the GSLP Liberals or other parties were right on any particular issues as to balance – with recourse being to the Courts of a party disagreed with any decision of the Board.

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May 30 - Ballymena and Gibraltar Lions Club Twinning Ceremony

lions clubMarking the twinning ceremony of the Gibraltar and Ballymena Lions Clubs last night, His Worship the Mayor Tony Lima hosted a reception re-uniting members of both clubs who had built friendships through formerly liaising through the clubs.

The Reception was also attended by a number of representatives of the Lions Clubs from neighbouring Towns and Cities, including Sr. Jose Manuel Garcia Caballero of District No.116-B Spain as well as Mayoress of La Linea, Sra. Gemma Araujo. The Chief Minister was also present.

Speaking at the Twinning, His Worship the Mayor noted that he was deeply honoured to have been asked by the Lions Fraternity to preside over the Ceremony and Witness the signing of the Twinning Documents.

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