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Together Gibraltar "Extremely Concerned" At Delays In Payments Of Student Grants

Together Gibraltar has expressed concern over delays in student grant payments from the Government.

A statement from Together Gibraltar follows below:

It has come to the attention of Together Gibraltar that some students, many of whom  are weeks into their university courses, still have not received their Government grant  payment for this term. 

As if this situation was not stressful enough, family members of these students have  been informing the party that law enforcement agents have been raiding their homes  in an attempt to find evidence of them lying about their residence status. 

This Gestapo-like nonsense is simply unacceptable. It is not only unduly intrusive on  the lives of these citizens, but it is also completely pointless from a practical point of  view. To leave some clothes and basic living amenities and pretend you live in a  residence is extremely easy, so most importantly, the opposite is almost impossible  to prove, particularly by using these primitive, ill-judged means. 

This is not the first item of news that reaches TG that shows the Government  descending to fiendish tactics to try to stop a financial haemorrhage that is simply  impossible to contain. The system is reaching breaking point and it is breaking  people’s lives in the process, and the only way to stop this at this stage is an urgent  change of government.