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GSD Stands By Points Made On Construction Delays

The GSD says it stands by comments made in relation to affordable housing construction delays.

A statement from the GSD follows below:

The GSD stands by the measured points it has made in relation to the significant delays hampering the completion  of the affordable housing developments. The undeniable fact is that the Government has historically failed to  deliver on all of their promises in relation to timings. The GSD has set out a very careful chronology which shows,  without a shadow of a doubt, that these developments were at one stage promised to be completed before Covid  struck and at another stage, at least as respects one of the phases, also prior to Covid. The Government should  be taking direct responsibility and not use dissuasive tactics which now also include hurling defamatory abuse  at Opposition members. 

The fact is that construction continued during the COVID restrictions because it was one of the few sectors  allowed to carry on.  

The cost overrun, which in respect of Hassan Centenary Terraces currently runs are £30M (despite the original  denials when this precise figure was put to Mr Picardo by Mr Bossino in Parliament) and a still to be disclosed  figure in respect of Bob Peliza Mews and Chatham Counterguard; the fact that 144 of the Phase 1 residents of  Hassan Centenary will not immediately have parkings available on completion; and the very real life issues which  people are facing as a result of these delays have been quite properly and justifiably raised by the GSD Opposition. 

“It is ill-befitting, although sadly not surprising for the Chief Minister, our highest elected official, to have sought  to lower the political discourse to such venomous and vicious levels. As an elected official and albeit honourary  KC, he should be leading by example and not behave like an uncontrolled bull in a China-shop whose cage has  clearly been rattled. His office demands that he behave differently politically but he always seems intent in taking  politics to the gutter. To describe me as a conman is a disgraceful and defamatory slur. Has he taken leave of his  senses? Insults, he should know, are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.” said Damon  Bossino.