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Ministry Of Equality Hosts Debriefing Session For Participants Of Women’s Mentorship Programme

The Minister for Equality, Samantha Sacramento, held a debriefing and networking session for all participants of the third cycle of the Ministry of Equality’s Women’s Mentorship Programme at the Gibraltar Garrison Library yesterday evening. 

A statement from the Government follows below:

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic the Women’s Mentorship Programme has continued to garner a great deal of interest and support from the community. The current cycle which began in October 2021 has secured a total of 58 participants. To date, the Programme, which was launched in 2018, has seen a total number of 178 participants. A significant percentage of the mentors have returned to the programme, some of whom have participated in all 3 of the cycles. This is telling of the quality of the Women’s Mentorship Programme and the invaluable support provided to mentees by experienced and expert mentors. 

After a short address by Minister Sacramento, who thanked the guests for their contribution to the Women’s Mentorship Programme, mentors and mentees present at the event were invited to share their experiences. 

Given the continuous impressive and positive feedback from this initiative, the Minstry for Equality is committed to continue providing this important forum and is already working on launching the next cycle. 

Minister for Equality, the Hon. Samantha Sacramento, MP said: “I am delighted to have been able to celebrate the end of the current cycle of the Women’s Mentorship Programme with an event. I am very pleased that the pandemic has not had a negative impact on the wonderful work carried out by the Women’s Mentorship Programme and that the Programme continues to enjoy fantastic support from the a wide variery of professionals. This event was an opportunity for me to personally thank the mentors, many of whom have supported the Programme since the pilot cycle, for their generous and altruistic contributions. I was also pleased to learn directly from the mentees about their respective experiences of the

Programme and how they have been able to develop key skills which will consolidate their professional acumen.  

“The programme is very much a success because of the thorough preparation and support provided by the team at the Ministry for Equality for which I am very grateful. It is very gratifying to learn that both mentors and mentees are reporting high levels of engagement and mutually enriching experiences, and indeed are likely to continue friendships after the conclusion of the programme. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to register their interest in the next cycle of the Women’s Mentorship Programme by contacting the Department of Equality, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 20046253.”