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Water Supply Across Gibraltar “Improving Hour By Hour”

The Strategic Coordinating Group met this morning at No.6 Convent place to discuss the latest situation regarding the disruption to water supply across Gibraltar. A further meeting has been scheduled for this afternoon.

The latest advice received by the Government from AquaGib is that the situation is improving on an hourly basis. Having said that, the Government is aware that there are still a number of pocket areas across Gibraltar without any access to potable water at home. Primarily, these areas include; Schomberg, Europa Road, Woodford Cottage, The Sanctuary, Gardiner’s Road, and the some of the Upper Town area. Every effort is being made to restore water supply to these affected locations, however, this is proving challenging. The Government has instructed AquaGib to focus all of their efforts in supplying these areas with access to potable water via bowsers and trucks distributing bottled water.

The Government is also ensuring that trucks containing potable water continue to be imported from Spain and unloaded into the Hesse’s pumping station. This is assisting somewhat in ensuring continued access to potable water at home across Gibraltar. Yesterday, over 500,000 litres of potable water was imported from Spain for this purpose with an even greater amount expected today. As of midday today approximately 250,000 litres had already been unloaded at Hesse’s pumping station.

The advice from AquaGib regarding the continued access to potable water across Gibraltar is clear. We will continue to encounter fluctuations in water pressure throughout Gibraltar until such time that the AquaGib reservoirs are able to replenish lost stocks. Every effort is being made by AquaGib to expedite this process with overnight restrictions to water being a crucial factor in this. Once again, water will be restricted across Gibraltar from 11pm tonight to 7am tomorrow morning with this measure being reviewed daily at the Strategic Coordinating Group meetings.

Restrictions also continue in place regarding non-essential water usage. It is important to note that any activity witnessed in relation to the mixing of cement is not being conducted with AquaGib water. This is being externally procured by the private entities concerned and is assisting in the wider effort of reducing the amount of water being used in Gibraltar at this present time.

Members of the public are strongly urged to continue to be conservative with their water usage to ensure that, whilst stocks are replenished at the AquaGib reservoirs over coming days, there are as few fluctuations to water pressure as possible.