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Clean Up The World 2022

This year's Clean Up The World events will see 30 teams and 500+ volunteers targeting sites throughout Gibraltar. The ESG says the prospect of a further potential oil spill has led to a decision to postpone the Rosia Dive clean up for now and reschedule for a few weeks time. 

A statement from the ESG follows below: 

CUTW 2022 will launch this Saturday morning together with 100s of countries and millions of  volunteers around the world where citizens, NGOs and communities will be making efforts to help  their environment. This demonstration of civic pride has proven to energise these issues locally in  the past, as well as deliver immediate positive results. In this, our 19th year, we value the response  from our community in support of this campaign. Its clear many people care about their  environment. 

A busy Team leader meeting was held last week where planning and discussion of sites took place.  30 teams and 500+ volunteers will target sites throughout our homeland tackling out of the way  green areas, coastal, and urban sites. 

The prospect of further potential oil spill has led to a decision to postpone the Rosia Dive clean up  for now and reschedule for a few weeks time. 

The campaign will once again highlight the need for|:- 

  • regular and thorough attention to be given to habitats and hotspots, especially during the  summer months when the whole town is outdoors for much of the day and tourism  numbers spike 
  • the need for visible application of fines and enforcement of our dumping and littering rules to act as a real deterrent 
  • for increased and improved facilities and more signage to be displayed to promote pride in  our environment (info for residents/ rubble tipping/ rubbish in hotspots) 
  • stricter monitoring of shared public spaces used by businesses and the community often  leading to dangerous conditions and creating serious eyesores 

The ESG is sent reports by members year round also concerned about the need to elevate our  profile as a tourist destination. From entry points to Gibraltar, to key roads visible by all visitors,  to keeping roads and pavements clean as well as protecting our natural environment.  However  we all, as a community, have a role to play in this. The Clean-up will highlight these issues via  our hands on action as well as by lodging reports and pressing for more to be done. 

A big thanks to all volunteers who have stepped up to help and to our sponsors for enabling the  campaign to move forward every year.   A 2022 Clean up report will follow in the media. 

We thank:-  Turicum Private Bank -   GBC Open Day Trust -   Bassadone Automotive Group -  888.com &  the Gibraltar Government for support given over the years