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Roy Clinton Personal Statement

Today in Parliament, GSD MP Roy Clinton read out the following personal statement detailing his recent illness, treatment and recovery:

If there is one matter that we all take for granted is our good health. I was reminded of the fragility of our existence only days after the last meeting of Parliament on Tuesday 5 July 2022.

As a result of a routine medical check-up it was found that I required an emergency heart bypass operation despite having no symptoms. I was admitted to intensive care at St Bernard’s Hospital on Monday 11 July, flown to London on Thursday 14th July and on Friday 15th July at St Thomas’ Hospital in London I underwent open heart surgery resulting in a quintuple bypass.

I am glad to report that the surgeons and doctors are satisfied with my progress and I should make a full recovery in the coming months.

To say I am thankful is perhaps an understatement, as without the speed of intervention I might not be standing here today.

I wish to place on record my most sincere thanks to the medical staff at the Gibraltar Health Authority including the consultant cardiologist, the team at intensive care, ambulance staff, the Cardiac Rehab team, sponsored patients, and the nurse that accompanied my wife and me all the way to St Thomas’.

The surgeons and intensive care staff at St Thomas’ performed a medical miracle and without any exaggeration I literally owe them my life.

Perhaps the most touching and personal care was received while staying at Calpe House in London awaiting medical clearance before we could fly home to recover. My wife May overnight became my nurse and care giver, patiently changing dressing and holding my hand as I struggled to perform simple tasks such as crossing a road. I cannot express my gratitude enough. The staff at Calpe House were fantastic in offering constant support and assistance. Indeed the other patients resident at Calpe House were uplifting in providing words of encouragement in a way that only a Llanito can understand. Until you have to use Calpe House as a patient it is difficult to understand the oasis it offers in London and I cannot praise it highly enough. Also worthy of praise are the Gibraltar Cardiac Association who have offered unconditional advice and support.

I have been asked by many whether my outlook on life has changed and that perhaps I should take it easy in future. I accept I have certainly been given a warning shot not to take my health for granted, but I am still fundamentally the same person. In that respect it is my intention to continue in politics for as long as I think I can make a worthwhile contribution and my party and the electorate share that view.

Finally I would like to thank all my family and friends who have enquired after my health and provided or offered support as indeed have Mr Speaker and Parliamentary colleagues on both sides of this House.