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New Interpretation Panels In Camp Bay Area

Eight new interpretation panels have been placed throughout Juan Carlos Perez Promenade, Keightley Way Road and Camp Bay in order to provide information on our history and environment. 

A statement from the Government follows below:

Residents and visitors alike will be able to learn about the most fascinating historical episodes of the area that perhaps were unknown to them. 

These include: 

  1. The use of convict labour throughout the 19th century 
  2. The Camp Bay Quarries 
  3. WWII Prisoner of War Camp in Little Bay 
  4. The Military installations in the area 
  5. The Marine Protected Areas of our Southern Waters 
  6. The area during the Spanish Period 
  7. Social history of the Dolphin Pool 

Minister for Heritage John Cortes commented “Highlighting the most important aspects of our natural, social and military heritage is really importance. It sets us in the context of our history, and reminds us of who we are. We will continue to improve and enhance what we have on offer as it is importantfor us to be aware of our past. History is all about collective memory and I am certain that families and individuals who frequent the area will now be able to enjoy it even more”.