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Feb 22 Unite Women’s Committee

Unite The UnionSamantha Sacramento, Minister for Equality has this week met with representatives of Unite Women’s Committee. The Union has been undergoing a re-structure in this respect and the parties waited until this was complete before having their first formal meeting. What was intended to be an introductory meeting developed into an in-depth exchange of ideas, with discussions highlighting common concerns and objectives in the area of equality. The Minister and representatives of the Union are enthusiastic about working collectively towards common goals and have agreed to have regular quarterly meetings.

At the meeting, Minister Sacramento highlighted the historic lack of infrastructure and general awareness in the field of equality and how important it was for relevant key members of staff and stakeholders to have appropriate training in all matters in relation to equal opportunities. There was also an exchange of ideas on how Government and Unite will jointly be celebrating the forthcoming International Women’s Day on 8th March.

Mrs Amy Perez, Chairperson of Unite Women’s Committee said, “Now that we have finalised our restructuring of the women’s section, we welcome the opportunity to meet with the Minister who clearly wishes to be pro-active on this front. We are also delighted to be celebrating International Women’s Day jointly with Government.”

Minister Samantha Sacramento has regularly meetings with various different associations that come under her portfolio of responsibility. She said, “I am once again delighted to say that it is thanks to this Government’s open door policy that I have had the pleasure of meeting a group of women who are keen to make positive advancements in the field of equality. Now that we have agreed to work jointly, I am sure that well-structured improvements will soon benefit our community.”