• Man Arrested In Relation To Data Breach
  • Man Arrested In Relation To Data Breach

    A man was arrested at 07:40am this morning at a residence in the South District in  relation to a public enquiry regarding a data breach. The local man, 56, was arrested on suspicion of: 

    • Conspiracy to Obtain Unauthorised Access to Computer Material, Contrary to S362 Crimes Act 2011 & Crimes Act 2011.
    • Misconduct in Public Office, Contrary to Common Law
    • Unlawful Obtaining of Personal Data, Contrary to S175 Data Protection Act His arrest relates to a serious data breach.

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Mar 18 - EU Proposal to Amend EU Aviation Measures will Dismantle Cordoba Agreement

governmentLast Wednesday, the European Commission adopted a proposal for an EU Regulation amending the 2004 EU Regulation on denied boarding compensation and other passenger rights.

The 2004 Regulation is one of the remaining EU aviation measures that still contains the suspension clause. The proposal for the amendment does not seek to remove the suspension clause.

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