May 03 - Sandy Bay to be Restored!

sandy bayAs part of a Government manifesto commitment on beach restoration, an Inter-ministerial committee comprised of Tourism Minister Neil Costa, Technical Services Minister Paul Balban, and Environmental Minister Dr. John Cortes, yesterday announced the commencement of works to be carried out at Sandy Bay.

Sandy Bay lost a significant amount of beach area in recent years due to storms, so in order to make the beach useable once more, works to build two adjacent, curved groynes will commence in the coming weeks.

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May 02 - International Academic Interest in Gibraltarian Author

text news Professor John Stotesbury of the University of Eastern Finland recently presented a paper on Gibraltarian author’s M. G. Sanchez’s work at the University of Zaragoza’s “Acts of Remembrance Conference”.  His presentation was held on April 25 at the University's Instituto de Ciencias de la Educación. In his talk Professor Stotesbury focused on M. G. Sanchez’s novella Diary of a Victorian Colonial, demonstrating how it uses the narrative form of a dying man's diary not only to recreate the character's immediate past but also to "remind" modern readers of Gibraltar's colonial history.  The event was well attended, with several of the attendees later quizzed Professor Stotesbury about Sanchez’s books. This is the first time that a Gibraltarian author has been the subject of a scholarly talk at a Spanish university.

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May 02 - RGP Brings Back Dog Section

police dogs Following a series of years of not being capable to obtain a Dog Section, the RGP has today announced the reintroduction of five German Shepherds from the South Yorkshire Police that will be trained as General Purpose Patrol Dogs.

Four of the dogs and their respective police handlers commenced training on Monday 29th April 2013. The dogs and their handlers will undergo a rigorous 13 week training course in Gibraltar run by Mick Gentile a Dog Handler Instructor with the South Yorkshire Police. The training includes animal husbandry and welfare as well as aspects of legislation, dog handling skills and tactics.

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May 02 - Gibraltar Government Powers Towards Tax Evasion Eradication

govtAs an issue that is raised by many outside of Gibraltar, the Government has today declared that they are taking steps towards eradicating tax evasion in Gibraltar. They have insisted that they are committed to continuing work the UK Government, and the wider international community, on a new package on tax transparency.

The initiative was advocated within the Overseas Territories’ White Paper. A Government statement released this morning added, ‘the Gibraltar Government is confident that it already has in place a robust regime for the rooting out of tax evasion, particularly through its membership of the EU and full compliance with EU rules. It is committed to pursuing this agenda with the UK in agreement, and subject to consultation, with the finance industry in Gibraltar.’

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May 02 - Rotary Awards for Charity Work and Dedication

rotary club awards The Gibraltar Rotary Club’s annual Vocation Award Presentation and Speaker’s Party was held recently, at the Royal Calpe. The awards are offered by the Rotarians to give recognisance to members of the community that are ‘worthy of special attention’. Three awards were presented to ‘a young person’, ‘a civil or public servant’ and ‘an Elder’.

President of the Club, Jennifer Stentiford hosted the event. She presented the Youth Award to Ben Donohue who was nominated for his selfless dedication to raising money for the Jamie Inglis appeal. 8-year-old Ben carried out a marathon swim at Nuffield Pool last summer, in order to raise £10,000 in aid of 3 year old Jamie Inglis, who suffered from Nueroblastoma. Ben made the decision to raise the funds without even meeting Jamie.

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