Jul 25 - Employment Up in Spain Due to Record Tourist Season

spanish flagAccording to Spain’s National Statistics Institute, unemployment figures have dropped from a record high of 27.2% to 26.3%. This drop suggests the first sign of growth within the economy, for two years. The newest figure follows statistics recorded in the second quarter of the year, this signifies that the number of unemployed individuals in Spain has dropped to just below six million.

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Jul 25 - Babystepps Donation for Rainbow Ward

babysteppsYesterday afternoon the Rainbow Ward at St. Bernard’s Hospital unveiled two brand new breastfeeding chairs that were purchased by the GHA with funds donated by Babystepps, the newly formed charity that focuses on pregnancy and early parenthood.

Director of nursing Freddie Pitto thanked Louise MacLaren and Francesca Cano of BabyStepps for their continued support. He insisted that their work with the GHA does not go unnoticed.

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