Mar 20 - Government Insists ‘People in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones’

government logoCommenting on the Chief Minister’s Visit to Washington, following the GSD’s recent insistence that the Government announce who invited Mr. Picardo to the Candlelight Inaugural dinner, the Government has said that their response will not change, no matter how many times, or in how many different ways the Opposition may raise the question.

A statement released by the Chief Minister noted, ‘it is surprising that the Opposition should consider it scandalous that the individuals or companies who facilitated this trip should not be named. When the GSD were in office, they refused to provide these same specific details of a breakdown in the lobbying vote when the information was requested of them.

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Mar 20 - New Bus for Mount Alvernia Route

new busThe Ministry for Public Transport, in conjunction with the Gibraltar Bus Company, has today announced the purchase of a new Mini bus that is set to meet the needs of the daily services to Mount Alvernia.

Following the introduction of bus route 7, which goes directly to Mount Alvernia, the Government received a number of representations on the need for a new bus to follow the new route. The vehicle was purchased locally from Lucas Imossi Motors Ltd.

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Mar 20 - RAF Raise Funds for Gibraltar Cancer Relief Society

raf funds Flight Lieutenant Errol Flynn presented a cheque for £702.32 to the Gibraltar Society for Cancer Relief, yesterday.

The money was raised through various RAF Football Charity events and a weekly football predictions game.  Commenting on the matter, Errol explained, ‘RAF Gibraltar wanted to raise money for a local charity and we felt that the work the Gibraltar Society for Cancer Relief gives some essential support to the estimated one in three who will suffer some form of cancer.’

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Gibraltar Crime Report for 19th March

rgpMedia – Police Reports

From 0700hrs 19/03/13 to 0700hrs 20/03/13



1 Person arrested for Theft.

1 Person arrested for Making a Disturbance.

1 Person arrested for Common Assault.

1 Person arrested for Breach of Court Bail.

1 Person arrested for Intimidation of a Witness.

1 Person arrested for Possession of a Controlled Drug.

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Mar 20 - GSD are to Blame for Laguna Monkey Issue – Claims Government

monkeyThe Government has insisted today that GSD’s lack of action in dealing with the problems of Laguna Estate, has directly resulted in the monkey problem that is currently occurring.

A statement released by the Ministry for Health and the Environment claims that the former administration’s ignorance of many of Gibraltar’s Estates led to many consequences including the bin store sin Laguna being left without doors.

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Mar 19 - Energy Performance of Buildings Assessor Training

govtThe Department of the Environment will be offering training on the certification programme for the energy performance of buildings.

The Gibraltar certification programme for the Energy Performance of Buildings has been in operation since 2010. The Department of the Environment will again be offering a training course on the Government approved methodology for the energy assessment of buildings as an opportunity for potential new assessors.

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Mar 19 - GGR Express Concern over EU Air Provisions Amendment

ggrReacting to recent news that EU Regulation No. 261/2004 regarding air travel compensations and services available to EU member State citizens has been amended, with the reported exclusion once more of Gibraltar airport from its provisions, Equality Rights Group GGR has contacted Sir Graham Watson in Brussels for clarification.

A statement released by the group insisted that, ‘if Gibraltarians as a whole are disadvantaged by exclusion from the Regulation, local elderly and disabled passengers stand to be the most disadvantaged in comparison to their Europe-wide counterparts'.

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Mar 19 - Women’s Monument Competition Winner Represents Strength of Women in Gibraltar Through the Ages

womens monument winnerYesterday evening, Minister for Equality, Samantha Sacramento announced the winner of the Women’s Monument competition that was launched by the previous administration. The competition saw entrants design a sculpture that is set to be built on the Sundial Roundabout.

23 entries were submitted for the contest and judged by the Ministry for Culture.

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