May 22 - RAF Air Cadets Attend Wing Field Weekend

Eight RAF Air Cadets from No. 2 (Overseas) Gibraltar Squadron attended their annual Wing Field Weekend.

The camp was held at West Tofts Camp, located in the Norfolk countryside, home to the Norfolk and Suffolk Wing annual event.

It was a competitive camp where up to eight cadets from each of the twenty seven air cadet squadrons located within the Wing competed against each other in weekend activities.

The cadets participated in archery, clay target shooting, fieldcraft, orienteering, leadership, first aid, team building including a raft river crossing and a minibus pulling competition.

Gibraltar Squadron Cadet Merrick Kent said: "Although the water was cold, the river crossing was exciting.  I was able to show my team members rope craft skills on the ground which contributed towards building our raft and successfully participate in the event until the end".

Gibraltar Cadet Seth Jessop: “I have never fired a shot gun or discharged an arrow using a bow before, I did a lot better than I thought I would and hope to do it again soon!”

A spokesperson said: "The grand finale to their long weekend adventure, on Monday the cadets undertook an Air experience exercise flying the Grob Tutor elementary fixed wing trainer aircraft at 5 AEF, RAF Wittering.  

"The cadets were put through their air wing paces where they experienced air manoeuvres to include G force generating loops, barrel rolls, and zero gravity air experiences. Not just sitting in the cockpit and being flown around but taking control of the aircraft themselves and performing the manoeuvers themselves."

Gibraltar Cadet Michael Jarman said: "The most eyebrow raising part of the flying experience was learning the emergency cockpit escape and parachute release procedures, but my pilot was a former Harrier pilot and he put me at ease as soon as I got in the cockpit".

Civilian instructor accompanying the group Mr. Robert Dickson said: “To top off what had been a fantastic trip we were invited by the Captain of our homebound Gibraltar flight to view the cockpit of the British Airways A320. The Captain himself a former RAF Air Cadet and the co-pilot a former pilot at a cadet AEF Sqn”

Gibraltar Sqn Commanding Officer Flt. Lt. Ivan Caward said: "Our weekend camps, exercises and activities both locally or in the UK are not only designed for cadets to enjoy the activities and give an element of adventure, but to also ensure that the experiences gained contribute towards giving the cadets learning opportunities, life skills and over a period of time instill in them the confidence to take them forward into future adulthood".