Industrials, Domestics And Attendants To Join GHA Industrial Action

Unite the Union has balloted industrial staff, domestics and hospital attendants with 95% voting in favour of non-uniform industrial action due to "longstanding departmental issues being left unresolved.” 

A statement continued: "Issues concerning the Domestics have included claims that have been previously agreed still left pending and not implemented.  Furthermore, a lack of clarity on COVID-19 shift patterns as well as vacancies remaining unfilled has led to the department suffering from low morale.

"Amongst industrial staff both individual and collective matters have remained without solutions which have left members feeling ignored and dejected. In addition, health and safety and operational matters affecting the day to day work of hospital attendants continue to have a negative impact upon the department whilst the St Bernard’s Hospital basement often presents an accident waiting to happen with it often being overpopulated with stock. Unite states that these departments have been at the forefront throughout the pandemic and have not wavered in their responsibility in ensuring that the GHA continues to function in the interest of its patients.

"Unite remains committed to engaging with the employer in finding a solution on the long standing matters affecting the departments. However Unite believes its members are justified in taking a stance on the issues at this time."