Jan 07 - GHA to Screen Newborns for Further Conditions

ghaThe Gibraltar Health Authority's Department of Pathology has been involved in a pilot study that has resulted in babies in the UK being screened for additional medical conditions.

Run by Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, the study tested Heel Prick samples, taken from all babies between 5 and 8 days old, for certain extra Genetic conditions in addition to those already checked.

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Jan 06 - Picardo Requests Further Information from RGP Bullying Complainant as Inquiry Continues

rgpThe Chief Minister, has, pursuant to his request under section 15(1) of the Police Act, received an initial factual assessment report from the Gibraltar Police Authority of the selection weekend recently carried out by the Royal Gibraltar Police. The selection process had led to a complaint being addressed to both His Excellency the Governor, Sir James Dutton and the Chief Minister from one of the applicants for selection.

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