Mar 08 - Gibraltar’s Lost World is Uncovered in a Recently Published Paper

vanguard cave In a recently published article in the journal of Geomorphology, Dr. Clive Finlayson of the Gibraltar Museum explores the possibility that a ‘lost world’ formed part of Gibraltar, as caves such as Vanguard and Gorham’s once faced a coastal shelf with a shoreline as 5 km away, at times.

Dr. Finlayson notes that, the caves hold a unique archive of fauna and flora, in the form of fossils, charcoal and pollen, helping environmental reconstruction of now- submerged shelf landscapes. In addition, a 300-metre dune complex on the East side of the Rock and other geological features complement the biological picture.

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Mar 08 Registration of Stillbirths

GHAThe Government has amended the Births & Deaths Registration Act to enable the registration of any stillbirth which may occur in Gibraltar, to be registered after the twenty fourth week of pregnancy.

Additionally, the Government has made provisions for the registration of any stillborn child that occurred from 1st January 1996 to date. This, should however, not be construed as imposing a duty on any person to apply for registration.

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Mar 07 - ESG Welcomes EU Directives Announcement

esgThe ESG believes the Government’s recent announcement on achieving full transposition of all pending EU Directives to be a most welcome and positive step. In the group’s experience, however, transposition alone is a part of a critical process to ensure a directive produces the desired benefits to citizens and the environment.

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Mar 07 - Immigration Act Changes Allow Moroccans 21 Days in Gibraltar Without Special Entry Permission

govtGibraltar has amended its Immigration, Asylum and Refugee Act so as to waive visa requirements for nationals of specified countries.

The first such individuals to benefit from this change will be Moroccan nationals holding valid Schengen multiple entry visas. In the past, Moroccans with Schengen visas were permitted to enter Gibraltar only on a case-by- case basis with most of the successful applications being permitted only on compassionate grounds.

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Mar 07 - ESG Concerned Over Nuffield Pool Tourist Site Tender

esgThe Environmental Safety Group has today noted their surprise at the release of the Government tender for the development of a tourist and leisure site at Nuffield Pool.

The group insists that there was no mention of hotels or developments in this area; in the GSLP/ Liberal manifesto. Instead it stated that the Pool would be made available to the local community once it was handed back to the Gibraltar Government by the MoD

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