• Gibraltar Updates Red List Of Countries For Travel To Gibraltar
  • Gibraltar Updates Red List Of Countries For Travel To Gibraltar

    In line with the UK Government, Gibraltar will add several countries to the red list of countries for  travel to Gibraltar, with effect from 1:00pm on Friday 26th November 2021.  

    In order to safeguard the public health of Gibraltar, the following countries will be added to the red  list: 

    • Botswana 
    • Eswatini 
    • Lesotho 
    • Namibia 
    • South Africa 
    • Zimbabwe 

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Mar 22 - Government Delegation Discusses Frontier Queues and Other Gibraltar Issues During Brussels Visit

brusselsDuring their time in Brussels, the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister met with a number of European Parliament delegates to discuss a vast range of Gibraltar’s issues. During a meeting with Gibraltar Liberal Democrat MEP, Sir Graham Watson and two European Commissioners, Mr. Picardo raised the issues of queues at the Frontier, on-line gaming, taxation and home affairs.

Commissioner Michel Barnier, who is responsible for the Internal Market and Services accompanied the Government delegation to the meeting. A detailed dossier on the delays at the frontier was presented to Commissioner Anna Cecilia Malmstrom, who is responsible for Home Affairs. The document included photographs, statistics, press cuttings and details of the frontier queue website.

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Mar 22 - Storms Return Catalan Bay Sand Back to Normal

catalan bayAccording to Government reports, the results of the analyses undertaken on the dust problem at Catalan Bay confirm that the issue originates from the use of dredged sand following the beach replenishment work undertaken by the previous administration.

Samples of sand have been taken at different depths in various locations throughout the winter period and these indicate a very significant reduction in the amounts of fine particles, which is the portion that becomes airborne and caused the dust clouds experienced last year.

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Mar 22 - Former Fugitive to Serve 13 years for Gibraltar Murder

rgpFollowing a request from the Gibraltar authorities the Spanish Audiencia Nacional in Madrid have clarified the sentence imposed on Joaquin Mari Recio for the Murder of Manuel Nelson in Gibraltar in 1987.

Sr. Recio is currently serving sentence in Spain for another matter with a release date set for 3rd March 2016. He will start serving sentence for the murder of Manuel Nelson on the 4th March 2016 ending on the 12th August 2029.

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Mar 22 - Convent Tea Party Raises Funds for Ovarian Cancer Research

the eve appealTomorrow, between 10.30a.m. and 12.30p.m there will be a tea party at the Convent Cloister in order to raise money for The Eve Appeal's Make Time for Tea campaign, in aid of research into Ovarian Cancer.

The Eve Appeal is a registered UK charity, formed in 2005 by Peter Vagn-Jensen and Professor Ian Jacobs, two men each affected by ovarian cancer in different ways.

Peter Vagn-Jensen, former owner of Marina Bay, had known his future wife, Lone, for only one year when she was diagnosed. The couple decided to tackle the disease head-on and set up a fundraising charity (now known as The Eve Appeal) in 1996.   Unfortunately, Lone lost her battle with ovarian cancer eight years later, as even the best surgeons and treatments were unable to save her life.

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