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Jun 04 - Ocean Village Flotilla - Horn fails Minister

OV Flotilla - Minister Linares' HornYGTV’s reporters out in the Bay of Gibraltar are our eyes and ears in the Flotilla. So far all reports seem to indicate that everything is going well, despite the slight malfunction of the starter’s klaxon as Minister for Culture, Stephen Linares, launched the pageant on its journey around the Rock. The photos and updates will keep coming in for the duration of the event.

Keep checking YGTV for regular updates on the Gibraltar Jubilee Flotilla.

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JUN 04 - Ocean Village Flotilla - re-enactment society secure the bay!

Re-enactment Society Secure the Bay

OV Re-enactment Society secure the bay

After having secured the city and inspected the Ocean Village Marina, the Gibraltar Re-enactment Society have been spotted aboard a vessel in the Bay of Gibraltar, flying Her Majesty’s Flag with pride. They can now be seen touring the Rock of Gibraltar by boat as part of the Jubilee Flotilla. See if you too can spot them from wherever you are watching this Jubilee Celebration unfold.

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