• Threat Level to Remain at Moderate
  • Threat Level to Remain at Moderate

    In response to last night’s incident in Algeciras, the Gibraltar Contingency Council (GCC) met this morning, 26th January, to review security matters. The meeting was co-chaired by his Excellency the Governor and the Chief Minister.

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May 13 GSD call on Picardo to come clean on public finance Big Lie

GSD GibraltarThe GSD Opposition has welcomed the announcement that refurbishment works at three housing estates, namely: Glacis, Laguna and Moorish Castle Estates is commencing.  The GSD Opposition, however, notes that with the exception of the unfortunate plans to build extra floors, there is considerable overlap between what has been announced this week and what the Government announced last year in relation to these estates.  “People want less photo opportunities, less spin and less electioneering by attacking the GSD Government’s record in office.  Perhaps if they did that we would see more results," said a Spokesman.

The Opposition also welcomes the period of consultation with residents of each estate, which we hope will ensure that the end product is what tenants’ desire rather than what the Government thinks they would like.  The consultative exercise before announcing the initiative should at least avoid last year’s embarrassing fiasco where, to great fanfare (including the use of architects’ plans and drawings as on this occasion), the Government announced it was to build extra floors on these estates, only to abandon the plans following widespread complaints from tenants.

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