Jul 18 - Youth Exchange Programme 2014

Next summer, the Youth Centre aims to participate in an international youth exchange programme and it is already begun to raise funds for this activity. On Saturday 6th July tickets for a raffle were sold outside Morrisons to raise cash for this and other upcoming youth projects.

These fundraising events themselves are invaluable vehicles which encourage and foster teamwork as well as helping to build and improve the self-confidence of the young people who participate in these events, particularly as they involve dealing with the public and fellow workers.

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Jul 18 - Auditor's Report Outlines OEM Government Loan Debacle

newsA Principal Auditor’s report, commissioned last year by the Government, regarding payments made by the Government to the OEM Group of Companies and Haymills (Gibraltar) Limited, was tabled in Parliament this morning.

The report follows a press release issued by the Gibraltar Government last year, suggesting that the former administration had made payments to OEM (International) Ltd (OEM) and Haymills (Gibraltar) Ltd (Haymills) in respect of a number of south district developments, that were used to pay creditors of the three developments. The Government repossessed the sites from the OEM group in December 2007.

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Jul 18 - ESG Calls For Clarification On Tireless Visit

The ESG questions the presence of HMS Tireless in Gibraltar today, a submarine that historically has created much unrest and controversy in the area. The lengthy repairs to this submarine, back in the year 2000, were also the catalyst for the formation of the ESG, then known as "Concerned Citizens". The group now addresses a wide range of local and regional environmental issues.

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Jul 18 - Police Dogs Passing Out Parade

This morning the Royal Gibraltar Police presented its latest recruits: four police dogs that have just completed an intense 13-week training course. During a passing out parade held at Lathbury Barracks, police dog handlers displayed the various skills and abilities of the dogs which will form part of the RGP’s newly established Police Dog Section.

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Jul 18 - Auditor’s Report on Reyes and SP Butchers Tabled in Parliament

newsA report carried out by the Principal Auditor into payments made by the former administration to S.P. (Butchers) Ltd was released into the public domain today, following its tabling in this morning’s Parliament session. The business received almost half a million pounds from the Government in 2008. Much controversy has arisen from the matter as a family member of former Minister, Edwin Reyes, had a vested interest in the company.

The Principal Auditor notes within his summary that £258,750 was paid to SP Butchers for the surrender of three stalls and two cold stores in the public market, as well as a vault at 4 Fish Market Road, which also included the payment of £30,000 for refrigeration equipment.

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Jul 18 - Entries for 40th International Art Exhibition Invited

newsThe Ministry of Culture has today invited entries for the 40th Gibraltar International Art Competition. The competition is open to anyone aged 16 and over as at 1st November 2013. A maximum of two paintings and one sculpture may be submitted by each artist. Works must be original and not previously entered competitively.

Entries will be exhibited at the John Mackintosh Hall from the 1st to 12th November 2013. A maximum of two paintings and one sculpture may be submitted by each artist. Works must be original and not previously entered competitively.

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