Gibraltar Crime Report for 2nd January

rgpMedia – Police Reports

From 0700hrs 02/01/13 to 0700hrs 03/01/13



1 persons arrest for Possession & Importation of controlled drugs

7 persons arrested for possession of a commercial quantity of tobacco

1 person arrested for concealment of tobacco

3 persons arrested on suspicion of assault

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Gibraltar Crime Report for 21st - 23rd December

rgpMedia – Police Reports

From 0700hrs 21/21/12 to 0700hrs 23/12/12



1 Person arrested for Driving A Motor Vehicle Whilst Over The Prescribed Limit.

2 Persons arrested for Disorderly Conduct Whilst Intoxicated.

1 Person arrested for Assault.

1 Person arrested for Making Off Without Payment.

1 Person arrested for Intimidation of a Witness.

1 Person arrested for Wasteful Employment Of Police.

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