Apr 30 - Queen’s Birthday Garden Party

governorThe Queen’s Birthday Garden Party will this year be held in the Convent on the evening of Thursday 13th June. A number of invitations will be reserved for members of the public who have not previously had an opportunity to attend a Garden Party at the Convent.

Commenting on the event, His Excellency the Governor noted, ‘opening up the Convent and making it more accessible has been a theme of our time here and Suzie and I would like to continue this for our last QBP in Gibraltar. We are very keen to extend an invitation to members of the public who would like to join us for this special occasion, particularly those who may not have had a chance previously to attend a Garden Party. The QBP is a real highlight for us and we would be delighted to welcome some new faces to the Convent to join us for what always proves to be a very enjoyable evening.’

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Apr 30 - John Mackintosh Hall Library Refurbishment

library refurbishment The Ministry of Culture today announced that the second phase of the refurbishment of the John Mackintosh Hall Library is now complete.

This first phase that consisted of painting, laying a new carpet, the provision of new chairs, refurbishment of the tables, and a new look for the reception area was already announced last summer.

This second phase consisting of a newspaper reading area with easy chairs and new furniture in the children’s section has now been finalised.

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Apr 30 - Chief Minister May Day Message Pays Tribute to Chicago Martyrs

picardoChief Minister Fabian Picardo has today stated that May 1st is an essential part of what being a socialist is all about. Reflecting on the reasons for the importance of the day, Mr. Picardo insisted that May 1st commemorates a demonstration held in Chicago in 1886 in favour of the eight-hour working day. The demonstration was disrupted by police gunfire resulting in the death of many who supported that cause. Those who lost their lives became known as the “Chicago Martyrs”.

The day is now commemorated worldwide as ‘Worker’s Day’, in honour of those who died at the demonstration, as well as those who continually campaign for worker’s rights.

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Apr 30 - GSD Disappointed by Ochello Comments on May Day Viewpoint Interview

danny feetham Regarding Unite the Union Leader, Victor Ochello’s recent interview on GBC’s Viewpoint, regarding the withdrawal of Daniel Feetham’s invitation to speak at the May Day Rally, the Opposition has noted that they are disappointed by Mr. Ochello’s comments.

The GSD insists that Mr. Ochello gave a number of contradictory reasons for the issue, during the interview, including fact that the right procedure had not been followed and because the GSD had not declared its support for May Day.

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Apr 30 - Youth Group in Tarifa

tarifaA group of youngsters, part of the Dolphin Youth Club, spent this weekend in a country home located in a residential complex close to Pelayo. The house provided a great opportunity for the youngsters to put into practice, amongst other things, the cooking skills they had previously honed at the club, in view of preparing one of the evening meals.

The terrible weather failed to dissuade the group from undertaking any activities and making the most of their time away from the Rock. The outing proved to be a memorable and fun-filled experience for the group in question. To give an example, horse riding along the shoreline with the sea spray from crashing waves playfully striking their faces, almost obscuring an idyllic view of oncoming storm clouds purposefully approaching over the horizon, was undoubtedly an extraordinary sight for all.

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Gibraltar Crime Report for 29th April

rgpMedia – Police Reports

From 0700hrs 29/04/13 to 0700hrs 30/04/13



3 persons arrested for Possession of a commercial quantity of tobacco

1 person arrested for Criminal Damage

1 person arrested for Disorderly conduct in a Police Station

1 person arrested for making off without payment

2 persons arrested for Burglary

1 person arrested for assault

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Apr 29 - Urban Dance Annual Show

textThe Urban Dance Annual show will take place on Friday 17th May at the John Mackintosh Hall starting at 7.30pm.

Urban Dance is back at the John Mackintosh Hall, after 8 years staging their performances at the Alameda Theatre. They want to go back to their roots & bring to the audience an integrated performance, of music, dance, singing & audio visuals. They were the pioneers in Gibraltar to use audio visuals in their shows, back in 1999.

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