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Oct 23 - Opposition Criticism on Transparency is ‘Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel’ – Claims Government

govt crestThe Government has insisted that the Opposition is ‘scraping the bottom of the barrel’ with their criticism of the Government. The GSD yesterday claimed that the Government have refused to publish or share the contents of reports that are commissioned.

A No.6 statement has insisted that they already published the Fishing Report and the King Report on the future of GBC. The opposition, the statement continues, refused to publish the King Report when in Government.

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Oct 23 - Gibraltar Productions Produces Mor Karbasi’s New Album

Gibraltar Productions - the World Music Management Company based in Gibraltar - together with Mor&Co Ltd, has produced the new album of Mor Karbasi: ‘La Tsadika’. This CD reveals to the public a charismatic artist and shows a singer with an emotional way of feeling music steeped in history. The third album of this artist (after ‘The beauty and the sea’ in 2008 and ‘Daughter of the spring’ in 2011) is a tribute to Sol Hatchuel, a Moroccan Jewish heroine, beheaded in 1834 at the age of 17 years.

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Oct 23 - Famous Musical ‘Blood Brothers’ Comes to Gibraltar

blood brothers Popular West End Musical, ‘Blood Brothers’ is set in Liverpool and follows twin brothers separated at birth, who continue to cross paths. For the first time in Gibraltar, in a joint venture by Santos Productions and Rock Theatre, Christian Santos and Julian Felice will play brothers Eddie and Mickey. Returning to the local stage are an extended sabbatical, Amee Freyone will play love interest Linda. Best Actor in the 2012 Gibraltar Drama Festival, Charlie Bishop will take on the role of Mickey’s aggressive older brother Sammy. 2013’s Best Actor, Royston Capel and Bettina Carey will play Eddie’s foster parents Mr. and Mrs. Lyons. This Side Up frontman, Simon Dumas will make his debut as the enigmatic narrator.

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Oct 23 - ERG Welcomes Westminster Debate On Gib George Cross

Equality Rights Group Chairman, Felix Alvarez, has hailed a Westminster parliamentary debate held on Tuesday on the nomination of Gibraltar for the George Cross Award as ‘a significant first milestone’. The ‘Thumbs Up’ Campaign was launched several months back jointly by both Mr Alvarez on behalf of ERG and by Kevin Kelway leading the South West Region’s Friends of Gibraltar Group.

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