Jan 29 - Special Olympics Update

Gibraltar Special Olympics TeamHi everyone, an update for those of you who, for any number of reasons may not have been able to watch the Opening Ceremony.  Well, it all went Gangham style!!!! honest.
There was one special moment during the parade of athletes when Gibraltar, led by a dancing Virginia caused the American commentator, Jason Lee to exclaim with a delighted laugh "Well look at her, she's ready to go!"  That's our girl...

GO VIRGINA and all the team.
The ceremony was a delightful mix of beauty, grace, colour, dance and Korean music, embodying the theme "co-existence and harmony".

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Jan 29 - Chess Festival - Masters Round 7

nikita-vitiugovJohn Saunders reports: For the first time this year the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters tournament has a sole leader. Russia’s Nikita Vitiugov defeated Kiril Georgiev in a six-hour struggle to move to the head of the field with a score of 6½/7 (six wins and one draw). Three players trail him on 6 points: Le Quang Liem, of Vietnam, Gata Kamsky, USA, and England’s Nigel Short. Three rounds remain.

25-year-old Nikita Vitiugov is ranked ninth in this year’s line-up and his fine performance is not unexpected. Hitherto he has maintained a fairly low profile in the chess world, with few invitations to elite tournaments, but his performance at the prestigious Gibraltar event is likely to attract the attention of tournament organisers worldwide.

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