Hassan Nahon: TG Will Act As “Catalyst For This Community’s Social Conscience”

Together Gibraltar’s leader Marlene Hassan Nahon has said that her party’s style in opposition will be a “symbiosis between social activism and parliamentary action” adding that she wants her party to act as “a catalyst for this community’s social conscience.”

Under existing rules, Ms Hassan Nahon was not allowed to make a speech during yesterday’s ceremonial opening of Parliament so she took to social media where she posted a video outlining her political priorities for the next four years.

Ms Hassan Nahon said:

At Together Gibraltar we are used to doing things the unconventional way. We have always put pragmatism over protocol, particularly when it allows us to communicate with you, the electorate, in a more effective and direct way.

I want to start by thanking every single person who deposited their trust in me and my party. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I thank you on behalf of all 10 members of the Together Gibraltar slate, who will continue to put their commitment, skills and expertise to work for the cause. Together Gibraltar will continue going from strength to strength, actively engaging the community, sparking social and political debate, and being a firm, constructive force in opposition.

TG received over 20% of the vote, but due to our electoral system this translates into just over 5% of the parliamentary representation. We ask you please not to be discouraged by this result, because it changes absolutely nothing. Whether you have 1 or 7 seats, the ability of opposition to influence legislation in Gibraltar is zero. I have seen it happen since I started in politics. Governments have absolute power and steamroll legislation. Opposition delivers despondent speeches and publishes abrasive press releases. And this sterile farce continues, election after election.

This is not a system of checks and balances. This is not a proper democracy.

But there is another way.

Government are not afraid of snarky press releases. They do not care for all the clever rhetoric in the world. What they fear is strong, collective action. When the people of Gibraltar unite and stand strong in defence of their principles, the powers that be have no alternative but to listen.

We proved this is the case when we overturned the enlargement of Parliament that both Government and opposition tried to steamroll days before the last election. And we can do it again.

This will be Together Gibraltar’s style of opposition for the next four years: A symbiosis between social activism and parliamentary action. The embodiment of people power. We want be a catalyst for this community’s social conscience - but we need your participation to make this happen. With your help, we will mobilise the public in pursuit of our political agenda as expressed in our campaign: A decided fight against climate change. Real equality and social justice. More and better democracy. An end to corruption and cronyism…

We ask all those who believe in these values to join us. To raise their concerns, come to our meetings, engage in our debates. To form part of our working groups, who will be exploring ideas to improve our community. Politicians need to feel that, even if Parliament is sterile, society is here to hold them to account. To ensure that campaign promises are kept. To counter the influence of powerful lobbies. The more we grow, the louder our voice will be.

When we organise and speak out in this way, we are unstoppable. When we understand that democracy is not just placing a ballot every 4 years, but a duty to be constantly vigilant and engaged, democracy works. At Together Gibraltar we take this duty very seriously, and we want to inspire you to feel the same way. It is the only way we can have a system that really holds the powerful to account.

The change will not start in 4 years time. Change starts now.

Join Together Gibraltar, and watch this space…