July 02 - Government Says That Principal Auditor “Confirms GSD Government Payments To GSD Minister’s Family”

The Government has issued the following statement:

- Confirmed that £221,250 paid for an expired licence to SP Butchers Ltd

- Confirmed that arrears of rent written off without proper authority on instructions from former Chief Minister

The Government has now received the report of the Principal Auditor into the payment by the GSD Government of almost half a million pounds (four hundred and eighty thousand pounds) to the family of Edwin Reyes in February 2008.

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Jul 02 - GSD Claims Government Continues to Deceive the Public on Public Finances

gsdIn response to the Government’s most recent statement on the state of public finances, which continues ‘to deceive the public’, the Opposition has insisted that the Chief Minister is using the Financial Secretary’s memo to ‘to create an entirely false picture that there was only £20 million left in the kitty in December 2011.   That coupled with the fact that during his reply at the time of the Budget he compared our public finances with those of La Linea, was calculated to create the impression that we were broke when he was elected into office and that he has performed a financial miracle in 18 months.’

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July 02 - GSD Demand Immediate Statement On Sunborn Financial Arrangements

The GSD Opposition has been pressing the Government for well over a month to confirm whether the Government has, directly or indirectly, entered into any financial arrangements in support of the Sunborn Floating Hotel.

The first time the Leader of the Opposition brought the question before Parliament as to whether any loans had been provided, the Chief Minister told him that he would have to check the facts. Two weeks ago Mr Feetham asked the following question in Parliament (505/2013):

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July 02 - Government: GSD “Ashamed Of The Truth Of GSD Govt Finances”

A statement from the Government on the continuing debate concerning the state of public finances:

- "Useable cash reserve" is only relevant measure

- "Overall cash reserve" includes the monies borrowed by Govt

- Picardo's unimpeachable evidence not even dented by Feetham's misleading response

- GSD candidate already starting to insult the Chief Minister

It is clear from the GSD’s latest press statements that Mr Feetham continues to show that he is unable to understand how the public finances work. He is clearly unable to make a distinction between ‘overall cash reserves’ and ‘usable cash reserves'

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