Apr 18 - Fabian Amongst Fabians

fabian societyYesterday evening in the lower depths of the Central London Fabian Society building, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo addressed a small group of the progressive left – wing think tank members on the matter of ‘Gibraltar in Europe’.

The society was formed in 1884 and is closely affiliated with the Labour Party. As he began his address, which touched upon a spectrum of matters relating to Gibraltar, including gaming, Gibraltar’s economy and its relationship with Spain, Mr. Picardo said that he felt amongst friends, and had never seen a room so full of Fabians.

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Apr 16 Chief Minister in London

Fabian PicardoThe Chief Minister has left for London late last night to attend the funeral of Baroness Thatcher this morning.

This evening he will address members of the prestigious "Fabian Society" on "Gibraltar in Europe". Members of the local press have been invited along on the trip, so expect some coverage in the news.

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Apr 16 - Chief Minister's tribute to Charles Bruzon

Fabian PicardoThe Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo, paid the following tribute:

"Losing Charles Bruzon has filled my wife Justine, me and Cabinet and party colleagues with sadness and grief. He will leave a massive void around the Cabinet table. Charles was a friend as well as a colleague. He was a person who always gave me calm and good advice. In fact, I do not recall ever having seen Charles flustered. He was truly unflappable!

I met him in the late nineties when, having returned from university I became more seriously involved in politics. He was then a member of the Voice of Gibraltar, lobbying and arguing Gibraltar's cause with that group.

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Apr 16 - GSD re-arrange annual meeting


Having secured a last minute alternative venue at Inces Hall for next Thursday 25th April 2013, I have taken the decision to cancel the GSD Public Meeting at the John Mackintosh Hall this week which would have otherwise coincided with Charles Bruzon’s funeral. Inces Hall does not enjoy all the necessary facilities including technicians to assist with the sound. I am very grateful to Mr. Ian Maclaren for having stepped forward at this late hour to assist us in this regard.

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