Sep 02 - 606 Mobile Numbering Range to Be Withdrawn by October

graThe Gibraltar Regulatory Authority has reminded ex-CTS (Gibraltar) Limited (“CTS”) customers that the 606 mobile numbering range will be withdrawn on the 1st October 2013.

This follows, as explained in a Press Release dated 8th April 2013, complaints being received from ex-CTS customers, in particular those using mobile services, who had ported their CTS numbers to another provider. These customers have encountered problems when callers from outside Gibraltar tried to contact them.

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Sep 02 - Chronicle paves the way for Gibraltar's Media

Gibraltar Chronicle iPadThe long established Gibraltar Chronicle has, and will always be, the cornerstone of GIbraltar's media. The newspaper has been around for so many years, covering all the news and events for GIbraltar. Like any good media outlet though, it receives it's fair share of abuse, criticism and sometimes even a little bit of ridicule. But maybe not for long… 

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