On Gibraltar Play-Writing

As Gibraltar Literature Week enters its third day of events, local playwright Julian Felice reflects on the Rock’s long tradition of play-writing…

By Julian Felice

Gibraltar Literature Week kicked off on Monday and comprises of a varied programme of activities aimed at raising the profile of local writing and drawing attention to the work of Gibraltarian writers. A (hopefully temporary) alternative to the Gibraltar Literary Festival, the event is providing a valuable platform to a burgeoning local literature that only a few weeks ago found its existence having to be defended on social media and on the correspondence pages of our daily newspapers. With a pop-up bookshop – hurrah! – selling books by local writers, this is a big week for our literary figures as we promote our work in schools, in lectures and interviews, and online. As part of this, I have thought it appropriate to cast an eye on Gibraltarian play-writing and contemplate where we stand in this particular branch of writing.

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Climate Risks and Projections for Gibraltar - Report

By Ryan Robba

As the World’s nations optimistically gather at COP26 to renew their pledges to tackle global climate change, there remains an underlying pessimism about whether their promises will be kept. Perhaps less encouraging still are the slew of recent studies concluding that, even if all countries hit their emissions reduction targets, the planet will still warm by almost double the goal of 1.5°C warming or less. In light of this, it is crucial for individuals, businesses and governments to consider that certain negative impacts from climate change are highly likely to materialise regardless of the outcome of this week’s UN climate summit. That is not to say that reducing our emissions does not matter - because the extent to which we continue to emit will determine the extent to which the threats intensify. However, it does mean that it is inevitable that some climate risks will emerge - and that we must prepare for these to minimise their damage. Climate change’s impacts are not just environmental; they affect every aspect of society and the economy. This article highlights some of the key risks Gibraltar faces from climate change, as identified in a new summary report on Climate Projections and Risks for Gibraltar, linked below:

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Is There Such A Thing As Gibraltar Literature?

By Giordano Durante


There was a brief flurry of activity on Twitter the other day after a contact of mine shared a screenshot from a Chronicle article which offered a preview of upcoming events at next month’s Literature Week. The article mentioned that participants at one event would be discussing, among other things, “if Gibraltar literature exists” and this, understandably, caused a number of local authors to react with a mixture of disbelief and disappointment.

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Military Movements Review - September 2021

YGTV’s article series continues - each month, David Sanchez will review military visits to the Rock. Drawing on his in-depth knowledge and photographic skills, the articles will provide readers with valuable background facts to the aircraft and vessels that pop into the Rock.

By David Sanchez

September of 2021 will be another month that will go down in history in Gibraltar. This time it was due to the fact that our firm friends the Royal Air Force were conferred the Freedom of the City, an extremely fitting honour for a service that has proved vital for our city, especially in recent times.

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