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Atrish Sanchez - Personal Statement

By Atrish Sanchez

I issue the following statement independently from my capacity/involvement in any NGOs or Executive Committees of any political party. I do this in the hope that I will be afforded the same respect that I have today shown the Government and the people of Gibraltar in standing alone to answer against the unfounded and highly offensive official statements being issued which make reference to myself, either directly or indirectly. It is my sincere hope that this statement will be analysed on its own merit and substance and that the Government does not once again forget that I am also a person, a woman and most importantly, a mother.

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“Grub” Food & Drink Festival

Friday 2 September sees the debut edition to the Grub Food and Drink festival.  This exciting pop-up festival will see a unique offering of food and drink in Gibraltar for one night only, as bars and restaurants from London and Sevilla descend on Gibraltar for an evening of delicious foodie fun.

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An Update on Private Sector Pensions in Gibraltar

By Gerry Kelly, Sovereign Group CEO

Private Sector Pensions Act 2019 was introduced to ensure that every member of the Gibraltar community, including those working in the private sector, will be financially protected in their later years. Like the ‘auto enrolment’ pensions regime in the UK, the Act makes it compulsory for all employers in Gibraltar to provide access to a workplace pension plan, in addition to the existing State pension, to all eligible employees.

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