World Environment Day - ESG Message

A message from the Environmental Safety Group:

Today marks World Environment Day, a day typically well supported in Gibraltar. Covid has pressed pause on many things including the public promotion of environmental causes and need for state, private and individual action. We wanted to highlight the importance of this day.

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Military Movements Review: May

YGTV’s article series continues - each month, David Sanchez will review military visits to the Rock. Drawing on his in-depth knowledge and photographic skills, the articles will provide readers with valuable background facts to the aircraft and vessels that pop into the Rock.

By David Sanchez

As Gibraltar lived through another month of lockdown, the military arrivals scene took on a very interesting new direction, one which was admittedly directly opposed to my earlier predictions!

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Theatre In The Time Of Coronavirus

By Julian Felice

For years I have been crying out for more time. The demands of work, family and self are rarely compatible with the time one needs for creative activities such as writing. Many are the nights that I have stayed up writing until the early hours, with the rest of the house deep in slumber, all in an attempt to chase that thread of inspiration before it hides behind the realities of daily life. Many more, though, have been the times when early-morning determination has given way to post-work lethargy, leading to those emotions that are all too familiar to those in creative fields: inadequacy, frustration, guilt. Those abandoned ideas were starting to pile up in my hard-drive, and piles of notebooks groaned under the weight of ideas that never became stories. Having been granted the opportunity to develop as a writer as part of a mentoring programme run by Mrs C’ Collective, I was even in early discussions about the possibility of a period of sabbatical leave from work so that I could dedicate more time to my writing and, that way, take full advantage of the programme. But then, of course, along came the COVID Lockdown, and everything changed…

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On Amendments To Certain Provisions of the Insolvency Act 2011

By James Montado, Partner of ISOLAS LLP

Insolvency (Amendment) Bill 2020

As part of its ongoing efforts to assist business during the COVID-19 pandemic, Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar (HMGOG) had published a Bill to amend certain provisions of the Insolvency Act 2011. The Insolvency (Amendment) Bill 2020 seeks to introduce, among other measures discussed below, a temporary moratorium period during which the ability of hostile creditors to place companies (and any other form of legal entity, sole trader or partnership) into Administration or Liquidation are suspended. It also introduces measures to protect directors (and their equivalents in other forms of legal entities), and the decision they make during the COVID-19 pandemic, to alleviate concerns regarding insolvent trading and other statutory remedies for which personal liability may arise.

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