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GSD Leadership Election: Keith Azopardi - Differences Are Relevant

A statement from Keith Azopardi follows below:

In his letter released to the press and to GSD members yesterday Damon Bossino said he was  “saddened” about talk about differences and asked “why are we talking about differences now?” The  implication of that is that he was saying that I had first talked about differences. That is untrue and  unfair. Damon has been openly talking about the different views he holds for years.

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GSD Leadership Election: Statement By Elliott Phillips

A statement by Elliott Phillips follows below:

Why voting for Keith Azopardi matters?  

On 4/5 December the Executive Committee and the GSD membership will be asked to elect a GSD  leader and therefore the next Leader of the Opposition. Keith Azopardi and Damon Bossino will contest  next week’s leadership election. It is an important inflection point for the party and one which will have  significant repercussions for the Party moving forward if the right decision is not made.  

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