Editor's Blog Jan 20th 2012

“That YGTV Ed could have done better”.


Home sweet home, will be on my mind according to the Horoscope in the local press, this morning “And being a gadget lover, especially around my place I may want to indulge in some surfing or browsing to find the latest must have buy. If I can find one that will replace the work of three or four,  “It goes on to say”, I could save myself some space and impress some friends too.

What a load of cobblers, just because a Mystic Meg type person tells you the Sun is in perfect alignment with Uranus and all is going to be peachy today I can go about my life with a warm fuzzy feeling.

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Editor's Blog Jan 19th 2012

Are politicians above the law?


Now, I am no Bruce Treitman, but it doesn’t take his brains to figure out that what in essence the CM Fabian Picardo said on lasts night big reveal was that the previous government had not only mislead the public but would have continued to plunge Gibraltar into further national debt.

As I have said in my previous blog, if someone attempts to mislead a country shouldn’t that someone be held accountable, or are politicians above the law?

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Editor's Blog Jan 18th 2012

How are Gibraltar's Finances?


Today will see the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo talk openly and to the public about the state of Gibraltar's finances. Is this the transparency that they promised and how much detail will they go in to? After last week's announcement about Govt fining other government departments we have to wonder what it is that we are going to hear today...

Apparently the CM will be appearing on GBC exclusively, so all eyes on them to see what he says. Not sure why we can't go too??? I suppose life isn't always fair, so we will bring you as much info during the event as we can, working on the basis that GBC's coverage is solid... Which I'm sure it will be.

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Editor's Blog Jan 17th 2012

I read an article yesterday in the local press stating that half a million British school children they are unhappy with their lives. The new study conducted by The Good childhood report 2012 goes on to say that one in eleven youngsters (9%) aged between eight and fifteen have a low well-being at any given time.

With that in mind I want to take you back many years, when I was aged between nine and fifteen years and where happiness was putting firecrackers in dog excrement lighting the fuse and hoping that you where fast enough to get out of the fallout zone, where happiness was building a giant catapult out of old wooden drinks pallets that could launch a rotten melon 50 meters.

I never thought I would be writing about the youth of today, but they do seem a miserable bunch, almost adult in their demeanour worrying about adult stuff. Demanding everything that poor Mum and Dad cannot afford.

Locally I see kids with mobiles, laptops Xboxes TV in their own room. Everything single thing, that stops them from being children.  All this technology creates a barrier between the children and their parents, kids don’t need parents (Other than to feed their gadget habits) they have high-speed broadband and 478 friends on Facebook.

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Editor's Blog Jan 16th 2012

After the Chief Minister’s appearance on Canal Sur the Opposition was very quick issue a condemnation of what was said, in this case by saying;

“We condemn him for saying that the financial accounts of the Gibraltar Government under the GSD were false. This scandalous statement is wholly untrue and hugely damaging to Gibraltar’s reputation. Mr. Picardo must now immediately either retract his statement or publicly provide details of his scandalous allegation.”

So who is really telling the truth about our country’s finances? I am putting the Government and Opposition on the spot; less rhetoric and show me the books. I want evidence, and I want it yesterday. It is my right as a voter to demand this.

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