Editor's Blog Jan 13th 2012

Today is Friday The 13th.  Many will go through the day not giving the day any more thought than what choice of underpants to wear; but for some Friday the 13th will induce a fear so strong that they would not even consider getting out of bed, or even travelling, Costing business’s millions.

Friggatriskaidekaphobia as it is known, is a relatively new superstition, at least in human terms, as we have always held a fear for almost everything. (I used to know a fully-grown man that would run at the sight of wire wool)

The first recorded reference to Friday the 13th being unlucky according to my brief research, in the English language, occurs in Henry Sutherlands Edwards 1869 biography of Gioacchino Rossini, with no reference prior to that.

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Editor's Blog Jan 12th 2012

The Government are going through their manifesto like guano through a goose, making sure they are ticking all the boxes, to be seen, being Government.

It is almost like some kind of obsession a “bucket list” if you will, to be rectifying everything the previous administration screwed up or as the previous administration would have you believe, didn’t.

Now I am all for change, but I am certain that there has to be a pace to any change. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Take time for all things:  For great haste makes great waste”. 

We have already seen evidence of haste when the GSD declared the new airport opened and ready when that was not the case (I do personally agree we needed a new airport, but that’s another story).

In the modern world, we need to start seeing results yesterday. We need the instant fix and be dammed with the consequences.  I am a staunch believer in the quality of a product but quality has a price it requires time.


Editor's Blog Jan 11th 2012


People spend an inordinate amount of time, money and effort trying to avoid the Grim Reaper’s scythe, when ultimately…. “the reality is that we all must die”.

Billions of the worlds cash is spent on keeping fit, healthy eating, supplements and medical techniques that promise you immortality. Honestly what is the point? With the average life expectancy in the western world on the up because of this, in the underdeveloped parts of the world it is going down. I ask you this, who is really living? The person who has no time, or the person who believes that has all the time in the world?

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Editor's Blog Jan 10th 2012

Freedom of Information

Yesterday Government has issued a statement saying, it has given instructions to disclose documents held in the archives for public access. The access to these documents will be limited to files going back twenty years.

But freedom of information, isn’t as free as one may think, there are restrictions on specific files or documents, the Government stating “that they deal with sensitive issues relating to former politicians who remain alive or are, in some form or other, still active in public life.  

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Editor's Blog Jan 09th 2012


Weekends are just not long enough. Finishing work late on Friday,  I was torn between going home, or going to my local for a few drinks. My week had been so busy that I opted to go home. A hot cup of tea and a shower later I was snuggled up in bed with a good book.

But as weekends go, there would be no rest for the wicked:

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