Editor's Blog Dec 14th 2011

It’s GBC Open Day

 It’s the one-day of the year that we know we are in for a treat with GBC’s programming being all about their Open Day. So many different groups and organisations work hard all year round to help raise money and contribute towards the GBC Open Day.

 YGTV has covered some of these events, including the Fashion Show by the Miss Winter 2011 organisers.

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Editor's Blog Dec 13th 2011

A day in the life of    

 So this morning I woke up and thought to myself, I wander what is in store for other people today. My life has become a rather standard routine and I know what I will have to do during the course of the day and how it goes. Find out what’s going on, find the stories, get the interviews and pester the press officers. Then we wrap it all up by the end of the day with a nice pretty news programme.

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Editor's Blog Dec 12th 2011

And So Work Begins...

A new era was ushered in on Friday the 9th December. The GSLP, headed by Fabian Picardo, have taken government after the electorate felt that it was “Time for Change”.  A good thing or a bad thing? Only time will tell…

 This morning the new ministers were announced, the new line up includes some big jobs and some mammoth tasks for some of the ministers. One of the ministers, Gilbert Licudi has been appointed for education, financial services gaming, telecommunications and justice. I think he’ll be VERY busy…

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Editor's Blog Dec 09th 2011

The Aftermath

It’s been a hard won victory for the GSLP/Libs and perhaps a worthy battle too, with the campaign polls initially giving a wide margin for victory to the GSLP/libs, the majority of the time has seen the gap close and close to a 2 percent difference in votes between the two parties. What follows now is where it gets interesting…

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Editor's Blog Dec 07th 2011

The End of Days

 We are at peak election fever, the megaphones are out, the lines in the sand are drawn and everybody online is TYPING IN CAPSLOCK!  It’s not surprising that people are very active in this endeavour, what does surprise me however, aren’t the die hard supporters but the vast majority who seem to believe the end times are upon us.

 I’m not talking about our colourful preacher, who takes to the streets condemning GSLP/PDP supporters to eternity in hell, but the people who truly believe that if any party other than the one they support were to come into power, it’d spell the end of days. Gibraltar will literally crumble before our very eyes through their sheer incompetence.

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