Aug 21 - Gibraltarian Cars Targeted in La Linea

gib carGibraltarian resident of Santa Margarita in La Linea, Allen Bula, yesterday had two tyres of his Gibraltarian registered car slashed as it was parked outside his home.

Speaking to YGTV Mr. Bula noted that he had been at home all afternoon when the incident occurred. At 5:30pm he found that the front and back tyres on the driver’s side of his vehicle had been slashed. He found that two other Gibraltarian registered vehicles in the area had also had their tyres slashed.

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Aug 20 - Frontier Queue Complaints Desk Opens This Week

frontier queueThis Thursday, individuals caught in frontier queues will be able to voice their concerns through a new complaints procedure. All information received through this new scheme will allow the Gibraltar Government to provide more accurate statistics to the European Commission and, if necessary, to prepare a court case. The procedure is open to people of any nationality who have suffered from the delays. Individuals must provide their name, address, nationality and passport or ID number when filing complaints.

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