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June 05 - Minister Attends Icelandic Exhibition

linaresThe Minister for Culture, Steven Linares, recently travelled to Reykjavik, Iceland, to attend the opening of an exhibition by the organisation ‘Little Constellation,’ of which Gibraltar is now a member. The exhibition attracted over 700 visitors in its first two days.

The Minister was accompanied by Chief Culture Officer, Yvette Zarb-Bensusan and Gino Sanguinetti, Manager of the Fine Arts Gallery, who delivered a talk at the artists’ workshops which took place over the same weekend.

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June 05 - Governor Presents Governor's Cadet Award

governorDressed entirely in uniform, His Excellency the Governor yesterday visited the Gibraltar Army Cadets during their weekly training lessons, at the Buffadero Training Camp. The force is made up of 66 cadets and five instructors. The youngsters, who range between the ages of 12 and 18 carry out an annual syllabus which eventually leads to them achieving their 1 star, 2 star and 3 star awards.

The programme is funded by the Government and requires a great deal of work and time to be put into it, by retired military personal who carry out the course.

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June 05 - PDP Welcome Establishment Of Select Committee On Parliamentary Reform

pdpA statement from the PDP:

The PDP watched with interest the Parliamentary debate on the conclusions of the Commission of Democratic and Parliamentary Reform and welcome the decision of the Government to establish a cross-party select committee to consider the commission’s findings and give further thought to Gibraltar’s future Democratic and Parliamentary structure specifically the enlargement of Parliament.

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June 05 - Jean Rovegno Takes Home Short Story Competition 1st Prize

short storyThis year’s annual Short Story Competition was carried out as part of the 2013 Gibraltar Spring Festival. The contest boasted 246 entries, which were judged by Mr. Charles Durante, Mrs Aida Delaney and Mrs Patsy Scott.

Commenting on the entries, and the competition itself, Mr. Durante noted that writing short stories is one way to put across our love of language. He added that in Gibraltar we are blessed with many people who revel in the imaginative use of language. Mr. Durante explained that this year’s competition is testimony to this love of language. He noted that this year’s entries had been truly impressive, both in terms of numbers and quality.

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June 05 - Explorer Mike Horn Visits Gibraltar

wedMike Horn, a world renowned explorer with a green agenda will be visiting Gibraltar as part of the World Environment Day celebrations today. Mike Horn first grabbed the media’s attention when he completed a solo journey around the equator without motorised transport back in 2000. He has since completed a solo circumnavigation of the Arctic Circle and, more recently, in 2006, he became one of the first men to travel without dogs or motorized transport to the North Pole during permanent darkness.

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