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June 03 - Picardo Chats to Michael Portillo

picardo and portilloLast week, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo was interviewed and filmed by the BBC, as part of Michael Portillo’s show, Great Continental Railway Journeys, which is based on Michael Portillo’s 1913 copy of Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide. Mr. Picardo chatted to Mr. Portillo on the airport runway about the History of Gibraltar.

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June 03 - Defenders Take To The Seas

defboatYesterday, members and supporters of the Defenders of Gibraltar ventured out into the Bay of Gibraltar aboard a privately owned vessel. The aim of the outing was to make what they described as an “unequivocal visual statement as to who the waters surrounding the rock belonged to, and to prove that we as Gibraltarians will never be bullied by the Guardia Civil be it on our land or in our waters.”

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May 31 - Government Trying to Defend Indefensible – Claims GSD

gsdThe GSD has today insisted that the Government’s attempt to explain questions in relation to the independence of the Board of GBC raised by the Opposition will fool no one and simply paints itself into a corner.

The party claims that it is the height of hypocrisy for the Chief Minister to, on the one hand, claim that the previous Government failed to secure the independence of the GBC Board by appointing family and supporters, whilst at the same time appointing a Board which includes a former executive member of the GSLP, another that stood for election with the GNP (now the Liberals) and yet another, who is a close personal friend of the Chief Minister.

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May 31 - Team 54 Stamps Launched

gfa uefa stamps Launched today by the Government and the Philatelic Bureau was an official commemorative stamp displaying the Gibraltar Football Association’s badge and the phrase, ‘ 54th UEFA Member 24th May 2013’. The stamp has been priced at 54p. The Philatelic Bureau has thanked the Chief Minister, and Sports Minister Steven Linares for their help in having produced these historic UEFA stamps, which will be promoted and sold to collectors in more than 80 countries.

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May 31 - Jubilee Hope Sets Sail for UK

vinetrustVine Trust Gibraltar has today announced that Medical Ship, Jubilee Hope, is leaving Gibraltar bound for the UK. The former Royal Navy tender has been converted into a floating hospital here in Gib Dock and is heading back to the UK for a final fit of equipment before setting off for it's new home on Lake Victoria in Tanzania. Once on the Lake, it will benefit over one million people over the next 20 years, who previously would not receive medical treatment, and will offer GP, Maternity, Optical and Dental services as well as a pharmacy.

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