Apr 15 - May Day Celebrations

text newsThe Ministry for Culture has announced the programme of events for this year’s May Day on Wednesday 1st May. The event, being organised by the Gibraltar Trades Council, will return to Casemates Square this year, commencing at 11am with a Fun Day, which will include live music and performances.

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Apr 12 - Macaque Misunderstanding Continues Between Government and Opposition

apesIn response to Opposition Minister for the Environment, Jaime Netto’s letter to Dr. Cortes, on the issue of Ape Management in Gibraltar the Environment Minister insists that the movement of wild animals cannot be fully controlled. He adds that culling monkeys is only a short-term measure.

Dr. Cortes also insisted that the Opposition is being ‘worse than cheap’ and grossly irresponsible for almost hoping that more monkey bites will occur. He also states that the GSD position has caused Dr. Cortes real embarrassment when talking to international experts. He insists that the GSD left the current Government with a poorly managed macaque population.

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Apr 12 - Star Football Player Presented with Framed Strip

regimentCommanding Officer Lt Col Colin Risso presented a framed Army football strip to LCpl Bruce-smith as a thank you from the Regiment for representing the Army at Football in the Under 23’s.

LCpl Bruce-smith, now 23, has been in the RG for six years and has been representing the Army Under 23’s since 2009. He is on his final season of this age category before hopefully continuing onto the Army Senior Team.

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Apr 12 Local Artist Releases EP To International Audience

Kyle Pecino (aka vulgarythm)Local music producer Kyle Pecino (aka vulgarythm) now joins the likes of Andrew De Santos and Johan Cruz to be given record contracts and release electronic music to an international audience.

His debut EP titled "Ghost In The Stone" is a four track EP and was released on Monday 8th of April through a specialist DJ website, where it charted at #10 for the charts of that genre, rising to #9 on Wednesday. The release date for iTunes and Amazon is the 22nd of April.

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Apr 12 - Youth Centre Youngsters on Sierra Nevada Trip

sierra nevadaAt the culmination of a rewards-based programme, a group of youngsters from the Youth Centre spent the weekend of the 15th March in Sierra Nevada.

In preparation for the weekend, the youngsters collectively discussed and decided upon the fundraising requirements of this residential trip as well as the methods and responsibilities needed to successfully complete the weekend.

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Apr 12 - HMS Pickle Opens to the Public

hms pickleFollowing a long Winter of work, the HMS Pickle replica, that initially sailed in to Ocean Village late last year after a number of engine complications, is set to open to the public this Saturday. The vessel will see a ‘soft launch’, allowing its first passengers on board. Later this month, a glamorous launch party will be held for the opening of the tourist attraction.

Visitors will be treated to a talk and guided tour of the vessel, allowing them a slight insight into what life was like on board a wooden warship during the Napoleonic wars. Passangers will of Lieutenant Lapenotiere’s endeavours commanding the vessel at the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar and how Pickle raced to London to give the King the bittersweet news of Lord Nelson’s death and British victory over the combined Spanish and French fleet.

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