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Jul 08 - Highland Band of Scottish Regiment Entertain Casemates Square

highland bandEntertaining the masses in Casemates Square late last week, and once again this afternoon, the Highland Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland performed a set of jazzy tunes for the public. The band flew over to Gibraltar last week to perform at the ‘Big Up Diaz Tribute Charity Concert’ along with the Band of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, in order to raise funds for local charity, ‘Pathway Through Pain’ and pay tribute to Philip Diaz.

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Jul 08 - GSD Says Picardo “Misled Parliament And People Of Gibraltar”

A statement from the GSD on the Sunborn project investment debate:

The GSD Opposition is appalled at the way the Government attempted to keep secret the existence of Credit Finance Company Ltd, the £289 million investment of savers’ money, made by the Gibraltar Savings Bank, to that company and the £30 million loan made by that company to Sunborn (Gibraltar) Limited.

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Jul 08 - Gibraltar Mentioned in Spanish National Security Report

ygtvCabinet Director for the Spanish Government, Jorge Moragas, is tomorrow set to present a report at the National Security Strategy Congress 2013. Europa Sur reports that the document was approved by the Spanish Government at the end of May. Within the report, Gibraltar is once again referred to as ‘an anomaly in Europe’ and the breaking point between two allied countries.

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Jul 08 - DPC Discusses Small Boat Marina Alterations

The Development and Planning Commission met this morning to discuss the Government project for an extensive small boat marina to be built in the harbour next to Coaling Island. Chris Riddell, the project manager, announced that the plans for the wharf at the northern end of the marina had been altered to allow for a wider channel to access the marina. He also explained that a small island would separate the access channel from a special exclusion zone where only sailing and rowing boats would be allowed to navigate. Mr Riddell said that there would be a 20 meter bathing zone by the shore in the area of the Mediterranean and Calpe Rowing Clubs.

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Jul 08 - Fifth Anniversary Of Chaima Slim’s Disappearance

Wednesday the 10th of July 2013 will mark the fifth anniversary of Chaima Slim’s disappearance. Chaima, who is now 24 years old, was last see walking across the Gibraltar frontier into Spain at around midnight of the 10 July 2008.

The Royal Gibraltar Police continue to carry out enquiries into her whereabouts and periodically review the investigation. Any new potential lines of investigation will be pursued.

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